Yak Attack - Winter 2020, Frozen Rose

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We are so delighted to announce our first installment of a limited edition colorway from Yarn Carnival

For Winter 2020 - we have chosen Yak Attack as our base to anchor the colorway - Frozen Rose - a wonderful and complex and warm red with touches of maroon and pink.   You will not be disappointed - and as always, pictures never do the colorway justice!  

Yak Attack is 70% SW Merino/20% Yak/10% Nylon - and is a wonderful fingering with 437 yards in a 100g skein.

Here are a few great projects in knitting and crochet for this amazing yarn:

- Waves and Brambles by Sivia Harding

- Millesime by Tricot & Stitch

- Dodging Rain Drops Cowl by Vanessa Ewing

- A Mermaid's Tale by Elizabeth Finn

- Kaikoura Cosy by Jill Wolcott

- Lough Shore Shawl by Sarah McFall (crochet)

- Sugar Plum Shawl by Rachy Newin (crochet)


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