Ancient Arts Socknado, Colisseum at Dusk, Rome (COTM (9/23)

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ncient Art's theme for 2023 is Interesting Archeological Sites, and we invite you to join us for some vicarious travel to different places all around the world. 

This is September's color of the month - and it is inspired by the Colisseum in Rome!  Ancient Arts Socknado is a yummy and squashy fingering weight yarn.   Each 100 gram skein of Socknado has 385 yards (350 meters) of 80% superwash fine merino / 20% nylon goodness.

Below follows the email details on this colorway from Ancient Arts:

The next stop on our tour of World Famous Archeological Sites is the Colosseum in Rome, the iconic symbol of the Imperial Roman Empire. It is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built, and is still the largest standing amphitheatre in the world! Construction on the Colosseum began in 72 AD and was completed just 8 years later in 80 AD. It was built in the centre of the city to place it both symbolically and precisely at the heart of Rome.

The Colosseum has been used for many different purposes in the past two thousand years, and you can read more about it during the Medieval and Modern eras here:

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