Wonderland Unicorn, deSTITCHnation, Tales as Old as Time: Rumplestiltskin

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We have had a blast with on their journey in colors around the globe--and are ready for the fourth year - and this time, we are visiting more literary locations....   The next stop is from Grimm's Fairy Tales - Rumplestiltskin!  In addition to your gorgeous skein of yarn, you will also get a limited edition pin.

This base is Unicorn and it is just yummy - 310 yards of a sport wight 63% silk, 23% kid mohair, 11% nylon, 3% lurex.

If you haven't tried Unicorn before - you need to!   It is simply yummy!   There is even a new pattern out now for one skein - Curdova Cowl.   Uses a 16" US10.5 for a fun and easy knit.

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