Ancient Arts Socknado, Oracle at Delphi (COTM (3/23)

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Ancient Art's theme for 2023 is Interesting Archeological Sites, and we invite you to join us for some vicarious travel to different places all around the world. 

This glorious color has three coordinating colors to go along with it - all dyed on Socknado...  Ancient Arts Socknado is a yummy and squashy fingering weight yarn.   Each 100 gram skein of Socknado has 385 yards (350 meters) of 80% superwash fine merino / 20% nylon goodness.

More on this month's colorway from Ancient Arts:

In Ancient times, Delphi was a sacred site where a powerful Oracle was consulted about important decisions by people from all over the ancient classical world. Local traditions of the time held that there had been an oracle at this spot as far back as eleventh century BCE.

The Oracle at Delphi was often a middle aged woman who had lived a "blameless life," and who was chosen from among the local peasants. She would leave her family and become a priestess in the Temple of Apollo.

As the Oracle, the priestess would sit on a three legged stool over the chasm, and the fumes would cause her to fall into a trance. According to the priests, that would allow Apollo to possess her spirit and answer any questions in terms of prophesies, which they would interpret.

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